On blogging

So…first post. Feels like I should do some sort of introductory something.

So why am I starting a blog? I’ve¬†only missed the trend by about a decade. Basically it’s to get the monsters in my head out of my head. And onto the Internet. Wow! I’m already making this seem like a bad idea.

But then all journeys start with a first step. And not all monsters are mean. The Internet could probably use a few friendly monsters.

So what sort of things are going to appear here? It’s going to be a rather eclectic mix. Random thoughts that enter my head that I want to write about. Who cares if anyone reads them – putting them into words is the therapy. Also, promotions of things I like; music, movies, TV shows, games, websites, people, places. And anything else I feel like. I’m going to try make sure I post at least one thing every week, so there should always be some recent content.

Welcome! Join in the fun, and feel free to share your monsters of a similar mind (comments will be open on every post). They get cranky if you keep them all cooped up.

– Nuxxy

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